Greetings from Jayme Hykes- Honors Student

Hello everyone,

My name is Jayme Hykes and I am an honors student here at AB. I am a junior, nursing major and do track and field on the side. I am from a small town called New Philadelphia, Ohio. This semester I was able to participate in the honors seminar “Cyberpsychology”. The course goes into detail about the creation of cyberspace and how it has evolved and affects today’s world. In this course we got to learn about the positives and negatives that cyberspace has contributed and what this may mean for our future generations. The course was very informative about the addiction cyberspace has caused and gives an outlook on how we, the next generation, needs to beware how this addiction is affecting our lives and our future. For anyone interested in psychology or technology this class would be a great course to look into that is fun and applicable to today.