Greeting from Honors Program Director



Hello, I am Dr. Irina V. Rodimtseva, Assistant Professor of English and Director of the ABU Honors Program. Our program brings together a group of bright, ambitious, determined, and hard-working students. We offer them challenging courses and projects, as well as  activities that expand their horizons, teach them to appreciate art, and forge their ties to the community. We encourage them to participate in undergraduate research conferences and to apply for prestigious scholarships. We reward their accomplishments by inscribing their names on the Honors plaque that decorates the walls of Burbick Hall, ABU main administrative building, and by adding “Graduated in the Honors Program” line to their transcripts.

Are you curious about Honors Program and what it has to offer? Follow our blog, in which AB Honors students will share their experience with the AB community and with prospective Battlers.