Beyond Sports: Soccer in Costa Rica

My name is Rachel Gaspar and I am a student in the honors program at AB. I had an amazing opportunity this summer to play soccer in Costa Rica. I was invited by an organization called Beyond Sports who chose me based off of my stats throughout my college soccer career here at AB. They chose other soccer players from colleges all around the country and formed a team. We played three games in the week and a half we were there, one being against the Costa Rica Women’s National team. We also participated in different service opportunities mostly within elementary schools throughout the Costa Rican community. My personal favorite was working with the Special Olympics program. We got to set up different physical activity stations for the kids to complete and compete in. It was so rewarding seeing the smiles on their faces when they completed the stations. We also ended the session with the Special Olympics by playing soccer with the kids.

My trip to Costa Rica was an all around amazing experience!E1DF52A8-6D05-4019-B964-56B845FB91AB 259A9F25-08C5-418B-ADED-CCD94F666971 8D79D5EB-A494-4C7E-B75E-8639FC63A42C