Animal Friends Service Project

The Honors Program and Silver Key Society students took on a project to aid the local shelter, Animal Friends of Barbour County. Animal Friends is a Non-Profit “no kill” shelter, which houses dogs and cats of the community until they an reach a loving home. The project was held in Alderson Broaddus University. Throughout the week, Honors Program and Silver Key Society students set up a table and received donations from the community accepting donations for Animal Friends of Barbour county. This service project successfully collected a total of $120 and large quantities of helpful donations such as : dog/cat food, cleaning supplies, towels, etc.

Overall, this was a great experience for the community and students, as we all learned to reach out and help a shelter who aids animals in need of a home. It was an eyeopening experience to see that shelters like Animal Friends of Barbour County are kept running through fundraising and donations such as these and others in the community, and being able to be part of that was truly encouraging and heart warming.