ACA Summit 2018-Taylor Wagner


On September 28-29, Dr. Rodimtseva and I traveled to Kingsport, TN for the Appalachian College Association Annual Summit 2018. I participated in an Honors Student Round-table along with students from various colleges in the Appalachian region. We discussed many things including leadership and community service projects. One thing worth mentioning was a “hometown service” in which each honors student would go back to their hometown to assess the needs in their community and the honors program would collaborate with other organizations to serve these communities. This model would bring a more visual aspect to our service requirement. I also got to learn about the Ledford Scholarship and I had the opportunity to view different poster presentations and it was very inspiring to see the groundbreaking research that undergraduate students, including AB’s own, Levi Summe, are leading. Some students actually discovered new species! All in all, it was a great experience and I hope to go again in the future.