2019 Honors Convocation

Honors Convocation is a celebration of student accomplishments, and it is only natural that Honors and Silver Key students collect a substantial number of awards.

This year, 20 students were inducted to the Silver Key Honors Society:

Our graduating Honors students, Jayme Hykes (also Silver Key), Jordan Guthrie, and Lora Owston (also Silver Key), received their Honors Certificates:

Lora Owston also received the Graduating Senior Academic Award, the Humanities and Social Sciences Academic Award, and the Mass Communication Award; Jayme Hykes made it to the President’s List.

Honor/Silver Key student Emily Rainey received Dr. Jim Daddysman Award that recognizes an academically superior student who will be participating in the Semester in Europe Program:

Silver Key student Caleb Pell receive Epsilon Tau Eta Sigma Alumni Academic Award and Forrest G. Clark Award that recognizes the athletes in the senior class with the highest academic average:

Silver Key student Timothy Hopkins received the Criminal Justice Achievement Award:

Silver Key student Morgan Winterbottom received the Science, Technology, and Mathematics Research Award:

Silver Key student Carolyn Gougeon received the Science, Technology, and Mathematics Academic Award; she also made it to the President’s List:

Silver Key student Ashleigh Martin received the Teacher Education Academic Award:

Honors student Taylor Wagner received the Sophomore Academic Award:

Honors/Silver Key student Wallaa Abo Elenin received the Junior Academic Award:

Rachel Gaspar (Honors/Silver Key, in the photo) and Sarah Reed (Silver Key) received the Senior Academic Award and were recognized on the President’s List:

Other Silver Key students who made it to the President’s List are Krista Cooper, Chelsea Jefferson, Jeremy Linaburg, Abigail Smith, and Katelyn Steigerwald:

Some Silver Key students were not able to attend the ceremony and are, therefore, not featured in the photos:

Recognized on the President’s List are Brianna Burger, Christian Clarkin, and Patrick McCombs (Honors).

Joseph Varela received the Business Academic Award, and Emily Rhodes received the Nursing Academic Award.

Congratulations to all Honors and Silver Key students! We are so proud of you!